iOS Audio Processing Graph Demonstration

“An audio processing graph is a Core Foundation–style opaque type, AUGraph, that you use to construct and manage an audio unit processing chain. A graph can leverage the capabilities of multiple audio units and multiple render callback functions, allowing you to create nearly any audio processing solution you can imagine” –From Apple’ s Audio Unit Hosting Guide For iOS

audioGraph is a superset of Apple's MixerHost application.

Features include:

  1. Mono & stereo mic/line input

  2. Audio effects including:

  3. Ring modulator

  4. FFT passthrough using Accelerate vDSP framework

  5. Real-time pitch shifting and detection using STFT

  6. Simple variable speed delay using a ring buffer

  7. Recursive moving average filter with variable number of points

  8. Convolution example with variable filter cutoff frequency

  9. Stereo level meter

  10. Synthesizer example - sine wave with envelope generator

  11. iOS 5 features including:

  12. MIDI sampler audio unit

  13. File player audio unit

  14. Audio unit effects

  15. Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod-Touch

  16. Open source

  17. Available as free download from iTunes App Store

  18. Music by Van Lawton

  19. Plus everything from MixerHost